Magnetoresistive Sensors

Commercial MR sensor bridge developments integrating barber pole structures were started by Philips in the eighties. In the beginning, measurement faults in the analogous measurement of magnetic fields by AMR technology deemed the marketing progress of MR technology.
At the beginning of the nineties, new concepts, especially provided by the IMO in Wetzlar, were found to realize and produce high precision magnetic field sensors. A serious of application based sensor designs were made, finding markets for example in medical instrumentations, the automotive sector,....

Influenced by the development of GMR based sensors, new designs are under progress.

Simple AMR Bridges

AMR-Bridges with integrated compensation

AMR-Bridges with compensation and flip wires

AMR-Gradient sensor with and without compensation

AMR- Angle sensors

AMR-Length sensors with linear characteristic

AMR-Length sensors in strong field mode

GMR-Field sensors

GMR-Gradient sensors

GMR-Angle sensors