Download of MR - Simulationsoftware

On this site you will find a serious of useful programs, that demonstrate the characteristics of magnetic films, different kinds of sensors and magnetic rulers.

To run the simulations, which are based on Labview6, you have to install first a Labview6 (National Instruments) Runtime-Engine.


Runtime-Engine Labview 6 (11 MB)

Unfortunately, some PC`s show a fault, when you want start one of these applications.
in this cases please try to download and to install the following program:

The programs consist of Input-elements and Output-elements marked by the matched colours. You are able to use numeric values as direct Input parameters . Direct inputs are not limited by the sliders.

MagnetQuader-Simulation Neu!!! MagnetQuader im Raum Neu!!! SpinValve-Winkel-Simulation Neu!!!
SpinValve-Widerstand-Simulation Neu!!! SpinValve-Kennlinien-Simulation Neu!!! SpinValve-Winkelsensor-Simulation Neu!!!
Polrad-Berechnung Neu!!! MR-Schichtsimulation Barberpolsensor
Magnetmaßstabssimulation Sin/Cos Interpolation A/B Interpolation

This program calculates a 3 dimensional magnetic field of a quader shaped magnet. It shows 3 separate field components.The magnet is located at the origin of the coordination system. Attention! The simulation may show unprecise results in case of unfavorable magnet geometry (demagnetization of the magnet!- for example a short length in contrast to width and additionally low coercitivity was chosen)
MagnetQuader-Simulation (439 kB)

Arbitrary positions of the magnet are possible, 3 - D fields are calculated.
MagnetQuader im Raum (459 kB)

This program calculates magnetization directions of ferromagnetic layers in spin - valve GMR systems. The pinned and the free layer magnetization angles are observable.
SpinValve-Winkel-Simulation (433 kB)

Resistance change of a spin valve sytem in arbitrary external magnetic fields.
SpinValve-Widerstand-Simulation (433 kB)

Simulation of characteristic resistance curves in arbitrary magnetic fields. Stripe direction and pinning direction are changable.
SpinValve-Kennlinien-Simulation (452 kB)

This simulation calculates GMR resistance values and fault characteristics of a magnetic angle sensor at different magnetic fields at a given parallel stripe geometry.
SpinValve-Winkelsensor-Simulation (463 kB)

This program optimizes geometrical parameters of pole wheels dedicated to sin/cos sensors. It calculates the mechanical parameters of magnetic pole wheels, to precise pole values will be reached at given distances.
Polrad-Berechnung (433 kB)

This program simulates the behaviour of a magnetic film influenced by magnetic fields. The theory will be found at Bettner. Input values are the anisotropic field, the magnetic field strength and the field direction. The switcher enables or disables the flip mode. Flip means, that the magnetization direction is flipped at every circle to the pick-up direction.Outputs are the magnetization direction and informations about weak or strong field working mode.
MR-Schichtsimulation (438 kB)

This tool calculates the field characteristic above a regular magnetized ruler.
The write output shows the calculated strength of the parallel and the perpendicular field components. Based on the underlying magnetization process both components will be changed vice versa.
Ribbon thickness means deepness of magnetization. "Schräge(skew factor)" means non symmetrically magnetized poles (f.e. gained by usual magnetization with commercial magnetic write heads).
Attention! This program will not be able to replace any FEM simulation tools. It`s only an approximation to those applications where demagnetization can be neglected.
Magnetmaßstabssimulation (435 kB)

The Barberpolsimulation visualizes the influence of possible sensor parameters on the characteristics of AMR sensors with barber pole structure. Further information will be given in the articles listing.
Barberpolsensor (441 kB)

This tool shows interpolations of sin / cos sensor signals. The influence of different signal parameters, such as offset, amplitude, phase errors and signal distortions (harmonic waves) on the output accuracy will be shown.
Sin/Cos Interpolation (568 kB)

The last program of this site is an add on to the sin/cos interpolation tool. The influence of signal parameters on the output signal of an interpolation circuit (delivering A/B signals with an integrated interpolation factor) will be demonstrated.
A/B Interpolation (431 kB)

In case of any problems concerning with installation, usage or software errors, please don`t hesitate to contact myself by Mail